Jobs in Demand

Many of the jobs high in popularity are also involved with the growth of technology, world economy, health and research. There has been an increased need for engineers, scientists, medical professionals and computer techs as the world cries out for newer, faster, better, and cleaner products and services. In fact, there is an increased need for technology and structures that are "going green," which as allowed workers in every industry achieve new goals by simply joining the movement for a better environment. However, these environmental jobs aren't the only ones receiving the best statistics according to research by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Many of the fastest growing occupations are in medical fields, including personal care aides and home health aides. These jobs are in demand due to the elderly population growing bigger because of baby boomers. In addition, biomedical engineers, carpenters, rebar workers and other builders are also being put back to work as buildings, bridges, roads, and other structures are built anew or repaired. Those who want to work with numbers and love business can also enjoy incredible success as market research analysts and financial accountants.

Learning about the newest jobs in demand can help you transition into a career that will last for longer and provide you with better benefits. Places like PayScale and offer great statistics and salary information to show you what jobs are in demand and how much they pay.