Kansas Colleges and Universities

State capitol of Kansas? Topeka. Largest city in Kansas? Wichita. How many colleges and universities in the state? One hundred. Now that you are armed with that important Kansas trivia you can begin an active pursuit if earning a degree in Kansas. Any review of the top ranked colleges in America will show that Kansas State and the University of Kansas consistently make the cut year after year. The Kansas Board of Regents presides over all of the state's public universities. Among the other choices are Wichita State University, Emporia State University and Pittsburg State University. That would be Pittsburg, Kansas. Only when you are actually in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania can you say you're not in Kansas anymore.

Kansas Degree Options

The "yellow brick road" of higher education could begin with an associate degree. Deciding to earn a degree in Kansas by starting at the community college level will allow you to pick from 20 of the states' 2 year colleges. Moving on up to the bachelor's degree or master's degree will provide you with the opportunity to pick among those six state campuses and one municipal university which is Washburn. Kansas also prides itself on building a strong work force through their many training degree programs.

If you're allergic to wheat, which grows all over Kansas, but still want to earn a degree in Kansas you could decide to travel the road to online degree programs. Distance learning has become a viable alternative to millions of students all around the world who seek out the best educations, but can't travel to the home state. A Kansas degree can be yours for the taking with just a laptop and commitment to learn.

Kansas Career Paths

Two major spokes in the agriculture wheel are meat and wheat. Both of those industries have played a big role in the Kansas state economy. Because of that, you'll find many career postings in the agriculture industry that can accommodate a Kansas college grad. Coming in at third on the level of important industries is aviation. There are four companies based out of Wichita alone that build airplanes and airplane parts for the world. All of this means that steering towards a degree program in aerospace, aeronautical engineering or aviation mechanics could have you going from the campus to the factory with diploma in hand. As for the skill trade arena, Kansas represents that field as well with certification programs in welding and welding technology. And don't overlook the concept of massage therapy or cosmetology: both have certified programs available at Kansas area schools.