Kentucky Colleges and Universities

Two great things that have consistently come out of Kentucky are great race horse and toe-tapping bluegrass music. There is something else that Kentucky produces in large quantities and that's college graduates. Among the 125 campuses sprawled across the state, two are the home to major research centers. Not only does the University of Louisville and the University of Kentucky unlock life's mysteries, but they are also both top ranked schools. When you put together that "Best of" list of Kentucky schools you'll also have to include Kentucky State University and Kentucky Wesleyan College. Within the Kentucky Community and Technical College system you'll discover 16 state run 2 year institutions providing fertile opportunities for higher education.

Kentucky Degree Options

To earn a degree in Kentucky is simple; at least when it comes to picking a college because there are so many incredible choices. Beyond the classic bachelor's and master's degree programs, places like Western Kentucky University offer a bachelor's degree in Cave Management. You might also be interested in the stars and will soon discover that this country's only space science degree program can be found at Morehead State University. If you want to stay on earth then look into the general forestry program at the Eastern Kentucky University.

All you really need to enter into the work force would be a 2 year certificate in training degree. You can get his from West Kentucky Community and Technical College in Paducah or the Bluegrass Community and Technical College in Cooper.

If you would rather stay put, as in never leave home, you can still earn a degree in Kentucky. At least you can with an online degree. For all practical purposes, distance learning offers up the same level of education just with an alternative delivery system.

Kentucky Career Paths

Although the rolling hills of Kentucky are great for strolling and painting, it's the cities like Louisville and Lexington that offer the most career opportunities for Kentucky grads. Farming is a way of life in Kentucky but that doesn't mean you had to be in it for life. Graduates with degrees in agricultural can bring their new knowhow to work down on the farm. Thanks to those research institutes providing work there is a great chance to find employed in the healthcare industry throughout the state. Kentucky also has plenty of room for more teachers that specialize in early childhood development or secondary education.