Laboratory Assistant School

Since a degree in the health field leaves for such a broad field, it's important to take a look at all the programs and all the venues of opportunity available to you, especially when it comes to a laboratory assistant. A career as a laboratory assistant could have you working as a bio tech, a veterinarian assistant, physical therapist, nurse, or osteopathic association. The venues are endless!

Laboratory Assistant School Success Factors

Although there are various fields you can go after in terms of getting a laboratory assistant degree, there are two main categories. The first one is healthcare. You can look for a career in health and medical science, health care admin, medical technology, public health or radiological science. The second one is for Allied Health Professionals and includes alternative medicine, EMS and paramedic, health education, Laboratory, medical and dental assistant, nursing, pharmacy, physician assistant and psychology and mental health assistant.

Laboratory Assistant School Majors

A laboratory assistant will be expected to take majors which include duties for a variety of jobs. These majors include lab mathematics, equipment location, communication skills, sterilization, safety, and of course interpersonal skills since you will be dealing with people on your job. This is a program that is used to prepare students to perform an array of tests and procedures for their patients.

Laboratory Assistant School Curriculum

The school curriculum for this career includes introduction to clinical and laboratory sciences, medical laboratory safety, clinical experience, English composition, the basis of anatomy and physiology and computer basics for your first semester. Your second semester would include courses such as clinical laboratory assistant skills, clinical experience, medical terminology and the fundamentals of oral communication.

Laboratory Assistant School Degrees

Within taking these courses of study, you can get a certificate of completion in Clinical Laboratory Assistant. In order to get an admission to a school that has Clinical Laboratory Science, you must have a HS English - 4 years with a C+ or higher, HS Algebra 2 with a C+ or higher, HS diploma or a GED. Once graduation you can also sit in on the national phlebotomy certification exam as well.

Laboratory Assistant Jobs

While there is a variety of career paths you can take in the medical field - there are three main careers as a Lab Assistant. They include Laboratory Assistant II, Laboratory Assistant I, and Laboratory Assistant III. Each of these career paths will have their own certifications, as well as job duties, tasks and salaries.