Leadership & Administration School

With federal guidelines firmly in place for public and private primary and secondary schools across the country, and with federal and state dollars on the line depending upon a school's test scores and other performance factors, educators are becoming increasingly interested in promoting the best in their schools. A Leadership & Administration degree is considered progressive and essential for those who wish to enhance their schools' curriculum and performance.

Leadership & Administration School Success Factors

The people who are interested in this kind of school and degree are most often teachers and administrators, such as school principals, school district superintendents, and post-secondary educators. They aren't just interested in furthering students' education through better instructional design and curriculum improvement, however. They must also become knowledgeable about human resources, labor relations, finance, and emergency management. Additionally, they must be able to apply educational theory to their schools' current practices while creating new instructional models based on district policy.

Leadership & Administration School Majors

A large number of students in this field began their career as teachers and already have education degrees from a four-year school. Many of these majors are centered on education, educational policy and procedures, and instructional practices.

Leadership & Administration School Curriculum

Relevant classes include leadership development, human motivation and behavior, school and community relations, and school law and policy. Students who would like to vary their coursework and use a tailored program that will meet the needs of their particular school district or university will be pleased to know that most, if not all, of the coursework they need is offered online. With the advent of online degrees and classes, getting your degree while working full-time as a teacher or administrator can be done on your own time.

Leadership & Administration School Degrees

Degrees in this field are plentiful, with many of them on the undergraduate and graduate university level. Bachelor's degrees in education leadership are offered, although many of the degrees available are at the graduate and post-graduate level. Master's degrees in educational administration, educational leadership, and administration and supervision are available, and doctoral programs in administration and leadership studies are also provided at many schools.

Leadership & Administration Jobs

Primary and secondary positions include being a teacher, administrator, school counselor, principal or assistant principal. On the college level, you can use this for a career as a department head, university dean, instructional supervisor, and director of student services.