Leadership & Administration Degree

Leadership and administration degrees are designed to help educators become better leaders. These programs teach organizational leadership, implementation of instruction, and decision-making skills. The top degrees for leadership and administration will be accredited by either the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education or the Teacher Accreditation Council. These programs are offered at universities as well as online.

Leadership & Administration Degree Success Factors

In order to be hired into an administration position you will have to complete your master's or doctorate in the field. Successful candidates for these positions will be those that have been teachers for several years. Gaining experience in the field is the best way to succeed in these programs.

Leadership & Administration Degree Majors

Most people who choose to go into the field of administration will have a background in teaching. Administration degrees offer classes that will teach you the organizational skills you will need as a degree administrator. The majority of your classes will teach you the laws and the current curricula. As an administrator you will be responsible for choosing the academic development of your program.

Leadership & Administration Degree Curriculum

Obtaining a master's in administration will require intensive training. These courses are rigorous. During the course of your study you will take classes such as Administrative and Organizational theory, Communication for Educational Renewal, Advanced Curriculum Development, Contemporary Curriculum Theory, Community Relations, Ethics, Financing Education, Instructional Leadership, Principal Leadership, and Degree and Staff Development Management.

Leadership & Administration Degrees

In order to be considered for a job as an administrator, you will have to receive at the very least your master's in administration. Most of the jobs available in this field are highly competitive and will require a person to have a doctorate for the higher paying jobs.

Leadership & Administration Jobs

With a master's or doctorate in administration you will find jobs in degree administration at every level, from pre-schools to high schools. There is growth expected in each of these areas, but the field is highly competitive. Most of the jobs in this field are given to people with a lot of experience in the education field. As an administrator your job duties will include curriculum design, enforcing disciplinary measures, coordinating activities within the degree system, selecting standardized tests, managing the athletic programs, and learning about the parents, faculty, and students in your district.