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Easiest College Majors

In the last article, we took a look at the five most demanding college majors based on number of study hours per week, average GPAs, and the amount of work involved. Today, going to the other end of the spectrum, we’ll survey the five easiest majors that, for better or for worse, make college seem like a cakewalk.

Mar 05, 2014

Most Demanding College Majors

For some students, deciding what to major in can come down to two equally appealing courses, with the make-or-break decision factoring in the hardness of the major. Here are the most difficult majors, calculated by average GPA, number of study hours per week, and tuition.

Mar 03, 2014

Community College: Is It a Valid Alternative to a Four-Year College?

As tuition rises, community colleges are being viewed more and more as an attractive choice. They still offer a degree like their four-year counterparts, but what draws students to them is the alternatives they offer.

Feb 28, 2014

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Focusing on Job Skills with a Master’s Degree

The professional science master’s degree, also known as the PSM, began in 1997. It provided a way quickly equip students with the skills that they would need in science, technology, engineering, and math fields.

May 14, 2013

Deciding on a Master’s Degree Program

Choosing the right master’s degree program is one of the crucial points when pursuing an education because it can really determine what your career pathway is going to be like.

May 10, 2013

Calculating the Return for a Master’s Degree

Those who are prospective students need to start considering the statistics and the numbers before they enroll in their next graduate program.

Apr 10, 2013

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What NOT to Do In College

There are many articles advising students to be themselves or live each day of their degree fully, but just as important is knowing what to avoid.

Feb 24, 2014

Best Movies About College

The four years you spend in college are some of the zaniest, most memorable years, which is why Hollywood has dedicated a whole genre of movie-making to it.

Feb 17, 2014

Writing a Thesis

At some point, most university students will encounter writing a thesis. These long research essays are increasingly being called on at the undergraduate level, and are just about mandatory at the graduate level. With a bit of planning, a thesis paper doesn’t have to be stressful.</

Jan 03, 2014

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Coldest College Cities in the United States

Winter has firmly settled into the United States, with typically warm states feeling the polar snap. But have you ever wondered where the coldest places are to go to school?

Jan 06, 2014

How to Come Out Ahead in 2014

This semester—and year—has just about wrapped up, which means that the new one starts in only a couple of weeks. Do you have what it takes to hit the ground running?

Dec 11, 2013

Getting Home for the Holidays

Now that this semester is almost over, many out-of-town students will be going back home for the holidays.

Dec 09, 2013

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Best Ways to Approach Repaying Student Loans

Graduating with a student loan in the tens of thousands is never fun, but there’s more than one way to erase the number of zeros at the end of the line.

Feb 05, 2014

Best Ways to Save on Textbook Price and Weight

One of the biggest costs for students—besides tuition—comes from textbooks. But as education moves in a more technologically savvy direction, textbooks are fast becoming the way of the past.

Feb 03, 2014

Getting the Most Out of Spring Break 2014

For most students, spring break is just over a month away, with two ways to approach it: the way that’ll etch itself into your memory for decades, or the way the actors in Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers do. Hint: the first option is more fun—and legal.

Jan 27, 2014