About Health Care Management Degrees

The health care industry is currently one of the highest growing industries with the most in-demand jobs. In a rough economy, you not only want to get a college degree, but work toward a career with a great job outlook. Working in health care management will be good for anyone who has good organizational and management skills, is willing to learn medical terminology and all areas of a medical office including coding, billing, insurance processes and more.

Types of Degrees

If you plan to work in the health care field as a health care administrator or in management, you will need a college degree. There are many different options for you depending on how long you want to spend in college, what kind of financial aid you are approved for, and your lifestyle. You can get anything from a certificate to an associate or higher level degree. Typically, the higher level degree you get, the more job opportunities and higher salaries are available to you. Most of these health care management degree programs are also available online. If you want to work while you go to school or because of home and personal life responsibilities, it's hard to make it to class; online will be a great option for you. You're able to work in your own time with a flexible schedule.


Job Duties and Responsibilities

When you get your degree in health care management, you will have a wide range of duties and responsibilities every day. The exact duties you have really depend on the type of work you do and where you work at. You could work in any type of healthcare environment including hospitals, private physician offices, mental health facilities, home health agencies, hospices, surgical centers, public health departments, emergency clinics, managed care organizations, group practices or long-term care facilities. Possible job duties include medical coding and medical billing, answering patient questions, managing the medical records system, using medical terminology, communicating with doctors and nursing staff, handling the flow of medical records and insurance processing, and improving the success of the medical office.

Salary and Job Outlook

There is a great outlook for all medical and health care careers including working in health care management and administration. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the health care industry is expected to grow another 16% by 2018 which opens up many different job opportunities. There is also a high salary for health care management, averaging over $84,000 a year. Your salary depend on your location, where you work, your degree, work experience, and other details. For example, the same job in a hospital versus an outpatient surgery center differ by nearly $10,000 a year.