Adult Degree Program Offers Free Application

Adult Degree Program Offers Free Application
Sign up for an adult degree program while you can with a free application.

If you have wondered about getting an adult degree, the application fee alone may deter you from trying to get into a program. However, certain colleges recognize that this upfront fee is unnecessary and have considered waiving the fee for the Spring and Summer semesters. Linfield College in McMinnville, Oregon is one such school. The college announced today that the application is now free for all students who apply before February 20, 2012. The application fee was $100 to get into the bachelor's degree program, and a $50 fee for certificate programs. Both of these will be waived according to the new policy.

The free application has been given to help and encourage students who have considered taking the plunge to go back to school and yet haven't been able to or were discouraged by the upfront fee. The newly waived fee may also many students to get into spring and summer semester programs.

All prospect students may apply for free to any of the adult degree programs offered by Linfield College, which includes six accredited online degree programs. There are many students who are applying for the newly added online marketing degree program. There are also three accredited online certificate programs for students to consider. Four additional degree and certificate programs are also offered as hybrid degree programs, combining both online and classroom time through Linfield's McMinnville and Portland campuses. All students who apply must also register for a Linfield Adult Degree Program course by June 25th, 2012 if accepted.

"Giving the opportunity to apply for free to any of the degree or certificate programs greatly encourages prospective students to pursue their academic and career goals," said Kate Bemis, Dean of Continuing Education at Linfield College.

The school is also planning to help students with their degree plan, finding courses for them to take and planning to help them graduate within the right amount of time for an adult degree program.

"The Linfield academic advisors will guide each new student with setting up an academic plan of course, to ensure that they can meet the requirements for the degree selected, so they are ready to begin their pursuit in either the Spring or Summer of 2012."

Financial aid grants and loans will also be ready for all students who apply and are eligible to receive financial assistance. Whether students are getting a degree or certificate, they may be eligible to receive financial aid to help towards their educational goals. Linfield also awards college credit for life experience, which can significantly decrease the cost and number of courses needed to earn a bachelor's degree.