Degree Programs Needing Students

It is true that unemployment rates are high across the country, but there are still some careers that do not have enough people. There are some college degrees that are in such high demand, colleges are trying to get students to change to them. If you are getting ready to go to a four year college, or university, consider the degree you will be getting and whether or not you will be able to find work in it once you are done. Here are some of the degrees that you would be well-advised to consider.

Accounting and Finance

While it may seem strange to consider going into finance when the economy is so upset and uncertain, it is actually a good time to do it. Businesses are still running, and business owners need to keep track of their money. Investors need help figuring out what companies or products are good to invest in and people need help trying to figure out how to get out of debt. While it may seem like a boring job, you will be dealing with money, other peoples' money. The career outlook shows massive growth for the field well into 2018.


Engineering covers a lot of ground. You can be a medical engineer, an electrical engineer, a civil engineer or a mechanical engineer. In fact, many people with a Bachelor's Degree in business or accounting go on to get a Master's in engineering instead of an MBA. Some of the largest companies have CEOs with an engineering degree of some type.


As more people need help to deal with day to day life, the need for more psychologists grows. It isn't just therapists that are needed though. Businesses are turning to psychology to help keep employees happy and to determine which of a group of applicants is really best suited for a position. Statistics show there will be an increase in the need for a degree in psychology of roughly 24 percent up through 2016 at least.

Computer Science

It might seem like everyone and their brother is going to school for some type of degree in dealing with computers, but the truth is, there are still not enough. Considering that almost everything we use now has some type of computer chip, or it will soon, the need for people with computer degrees just keeps growing at an alarming rate. There will be a constant growth rate of 24 percent in the field through 2018.

Choosing any of the above fields of study will put you in a good position when you graduate from college. If you are just starting, these fields are not just going to quit growing in the next four years; the projections just do not go out that far. The truth is, there are not enough students in these areas right now to handle all the jobs that are going to be cropping up. These are pretty much a sure thing if you want to work in a career that goes with your degree.