Degrees For Single Parents

Perhaps one of the largest challenges that single parents face when trying to return to college is finding a degree program that will work together with their current schedule. It is very difficult to dedicate yourself to a full time program when you have a child to take care of. Likewise, although something such as a two year degree program may sound reasonable, something like a four year degree program can be very overwhelming, especially when you are dealing with the most formative years of your child's life. There are a few options that new mothers can consider in order to make this situation easier to deal with.


Transcription degrees are a prime option for any single parent who wants to work, make a decent living, and stay at home. The average transcriptionist makes between $15 and $35 an hour depending on the type of transcription. Medical transcription is the most common, however legal and scopist forms are also popular.

Business Degrees

Most business degrees can be earned within a period of two years or less. These degrees are very helpful because they are within an industry that almost always has room for immediate growth. Therefore, a woman who has earned a business degree can usually find work within her region or area as soon as she has graduated. There are also many programs that require some form of internship, so this can be a way for women to get started in finding quality work early into the start of their career.

Nursing Degrees

It's important to understand that going into the initial field of nursing doesn't always require a degree. If a woman is interested in working as a CNA or some other related form of general nursing care, they can do this by studying for the requested hours and then focusing themselves towards earning their certification. Nursing jobs are some of the most common careers that are pursued by new mothers because the studying process is fairly quick compared to many of the programs that are traditionally offered by a college.

Dental or Medical Assistant

Another quick program that works well for mothers are the degrees necessary for becoming a dental or medical assistant. These types of jobs generally require study for around two years, though many of the more recent programs require less. If you are a quick study or someone who is able to work at your own pace, you can generally finish the course much sooner. Like other degree programs, there's the opportunity to focus on an internship or work at a nearby facility so that women can get on the job training while still securing a possible location to work at after their studies are finished.

These degrees are perfect options for single mothers trying to offer a better life and higher income for their families. Most of these jobs also offer benefits for medical, dental, and vision that will help families remove themselves from welfare options and move onto a better lifestyle.