Easiest College Majors

In the last article, we took a look at the five most demanding college majors based on number of study hours per week, average GPAs, and the amount of work involved. Today, going to the other end of the spectrum, we'll survey the five easiest majors that, for better or for worse, make college seem like a cakewalk.

1. Women's Studies

It's a bit of a head-scratcher figuring out what a degree in women's studies will lead to, other than graduate school, teaching, or counseling. A multi-million dollar job at a firm? Nobel Prize? Maybe it doesn't have to lead to anything other than personal fulfilment and critically thinking about human rights issues. Whatever a student's reason for majoring in women's studies, they don't need particularly high grades: San Diego State University only requires a 2.0 GPA to take upper-level courses.

2. Math

Just read a bit further before you disagree: students who major in math graduate with the third highest GPA, a tidy number of 3.5+, and they're tied for the shortest time it takes to finish a degree. Although roughly 25% of students log at least full-time hours to get to that point, each course builds on the previous one so there's never start-from-scratch learning involved.

3. Education

We did list education as one of the hardest majors to complete in the last post, but that was because of the sheer number of hours spent on work and prep.If you look at it from another angle, the way CBS Money Watch did, then education is the easiest major, or the one most likely to find A's in.

4. Sports Management

As complex a level sports can be studied on (have you ever seen the breakdown behind a baseball pitch?), this isn't where it happens. Instead, students forgo math and science in favor of learning sports knowledge, public relations, generalized business practices, and basic human body issues.

5. Linguistics

At first, learning linguistics is like learning a new language, which the International Phonetic Alphabet sort of is. But once you've mastered the basics, you can expect a small handful of essays with most of the focus on technical problem-solving exercises, sort of like math. It's not a major for everyone but for those who have a head for it, it'll make college a lot less stressful.