Five Reasons Why You Should Not Get a Master Degree in Social Media

Although social media is a very popular industry and form of employment for many people, it's important to not get sucked into the mistake of trying to earn a master's degree in the area. While you make think it's promising and lucrative, it may not be solid enough for you to base part of your education on, even if you are willing to base your career on it.

There Are Free Alternatives

Instead of going to college or a university for your education in social media, why not consider some of the many free alternatives that are available? You might want to check out an industry chat on Twitter or join a LinkedIn group to network with colleagues. Subreddits can be used to help you keep updated with what's happening in social media, business, and marketing. There are also many online education portals that you can use for free classes.

Social Media Titles Won't Last Forever

Figuratively speaking, most of the functions of the position will probably not last very long. Although there are some companies that are still new to the idea and concept of social media, in three to five years, most of those companies are going to move past needing a dedicated person for the role. Social media is already a strong part of marketing, customer service, journalism, and many other elements.

Employers Want to See Experience

In almost any position, employers want to see what your experience is like. They would rather have someone with experience and a proven record take the position instead of someone who just has a degree and no experience or on the job skill available. People in business want to be able to see results. They would much rather see that you can boost the company using social media than see that you have a degree and no record of proven results.

Look For What's Next

If you're working in social media now, then you need to think about what's going to happen in the future and how you're going to be a part of it. You should be on the cutting edge of technology and understand the newest apps and platforms. You should also think about what your career is going to be like and how it will evolve. You should actively be working to sell the skills that you have gained through social media.

Social Media Is Always Changing

Trends that many of the analysts believed to be important during the end of the year were already useless information by February of this year. The concepts that you might learn about social media in school aren't always going to be relevant. In fact, over a short period of time, you might even find that most of that information becomes obsolete and will make your expensive master's degree in social media a complete waste of money and time.