Focus on Military Civilian Training Degrees

Military personnel are facing several tuition and degree program issues. One of the main issues recently has been the denial of tuition assistance programs for the military. There have also been decreased funding for military programs as well as decreased funding for military entering collegiate programs. Many colleges and universities have started implementing military tuition assistance programs again, but this implementation is going slowly. For some military personnel the implementation of tuition assistance programs or redesigning of military tuition assistance programs is going too slow for them to benefit. For this reason, several colleges and universities as well as trade schools in certification programs are now focusing on military training degrees which will allow military personnel to transition from military careers to civilian careers.

This focus on military civilian training degrees is to assist primarily military personnel with combat arms training. Combat arms, though sought after in various branches of the military, may not have a high rate of employment in civilian sectors. Criminal justice, correctional facilities, certain social work programs and related programs may have positions open for those individuals who were in combat arms. However, due to several state and city budgeting cuts these jobs have moved to more of an employment pool rather than actual employment. This has left many military personnel wondering how they will be able to obtain training for civilian jobs and what type of training is necessary.

Trade schools, online certification programs in academic training programs are focusing now on using the skills that military personnel obtained while in military career sectors and transitioning back to civilian career sectors. For example, infantry and other combat arms may have limited training in various forms of medical fields. The basic field combat medicine and training may have been offered to certain combat positions. In this case, some trade schools are offering special training programs for military personnel with this type of background who would like to go into paramedic, EMT, nursing or phlebotomy programs. These programs are sought after in the Allied health industries and generally have ongoing need for well-trained personnel.

Other trades such as construction, engineering, green jobs, technical jobs and welding are also available for military personnel who are trying to transition into civilian job sectors. The problem is that military personnel may be having, is due to the fact that there has been decreased federal funding for their collegiate endeavors. Schools, trade schools, certification organizations and training organizations are trying to work with military personnel by offering lower tuition rates, free tuition rates and free training programs. Several on-the-job programs are also being offered across the country for military who need to transition to civilian work sectors.

That these programs are fairly new, they are being implemented across the country and are helping military personnel to stay off of public assistance, unemployment lines and to find adequate work within local communities and larger cities. There has also been assistance from the Veterans Affairs office to help military personnel find these programs and to enroll in these programs depending on the needs of the area, budgeting for the county or state and the needs of the military personnel who are entering back into the civilian sector.