Four Best Majors for Easy Careers

Everyone wants a decent career as well as a happy life. You want good pay, no stress and a relaxed schedule. Some of these jobs provide just those benefits, as well as decent pay, benefits and a chance to see the world. While some jobs are too good to be true, these jobs are rather popular in various places around the country and world, which allows you to work from home or an office, or even on a boat. So what should you study to get into one of these dream jobs? You can get any one of these jobs by getting one of the degrees recommended.

Technical Writing

Plenty of people would steer students away from getting a liberal arts degree, such as English or journalism, but it can actually help you become a freelancer or contractor as a technical writer, a relatively easy job that just requires you know how to write technical support manuals. These are the people who wrote all the instructions on installing your new thing-a-mabob. You may see some degrees and certificate programs as well for technical writers. However, English majors and experienced writers have become technical writers while working on bigger projects or as an entire career.

Dental Hygienist

You know those people who come in and take your vitals, clean your teeth, and talk to you before the real dentist comes around? That's a dental hygienist and they get paid pretty well for about 10 minutes of work. You do need a technical degree in dental hygiene and a license from your state in order to work in this field, but once you do, there's plenty of opportunities and growth.

Radiologic Technologist

This is a rather high-paying job for not doing much work and knowing how to operate a machine. It's especially good if you want to work in medical offices and hospitals but not really deal directly with people. A radiologic technologist performs x-rays, scans, MRIs and other Imaging for patients, then passes it on to the radiologist. The average salary for this job is about $55,000 a year, but in some cases, radiologic technologists make almost $80,000 per year.

Cruise Director

If you love entertaining, want to see exotic parts of the world and enjoy a boat life, then becoming a cruise director may be just the job that takes you places. Marketing, public relations and hospitality majors do equally well in this field. You can also make a lot of money just for entertaining people and keeping events organized on a cruise ship. That includes singles mixers, fun competitions, luaus or just karaoke nights, but you may have your own ideas of what's entertaining for tourists on a cruise ship.