Four Majors that Take You Anywhere in the World

What are some the top jobs that give you mobility? Do you want to see the world and make money, too? It would be incredible efficient to blend what you do with seeing all sorts of places around the globe, but there's only a few select jobs that let you do that. These majors can get you the career that pays to travel and allows you to do it all without taking a vacation. Here's some of the ideas for four majors that will take you anywhere you want to go.

1. English

It may not seem like much, but this major packs a wallop for the travel industry. Whether you want to teach in foreign lands or become a travel writer, getting an English degree is the bones to working in these mobile fields. Becoming a full time travel writer is easily the best way to see the world, see all types of places and meet a bunch of different cultures—all while getting paid to do it. There's a bigger online market for travel writers these days, but that also means you can own your own site, publish your own e-books and even write your own columns for top newspapers around the world. Want to learn more? Check out the FabJob Guide to Travel Writing.

2. Education

Like English, teaching is also one of those fields that travel. You can earn a degree in education as well as a minor in a foreign language and practically have a job waiting for you in that country to teach anything you want. English teachers probably are wanted the most around the world, but if you can speak science in a foreign tongue and translate into your English, you're even more qualified for some of the top paying positions overseas. Just think, your education degree lands you a job working in Thailand, just miles from pristine beaches. It could be a dream come true.

3. Travel and Hospitality

Why not major in the very thing that you want to do? Cruise directors, foreign hotel managers, tour guides and all sorts of travel professions started out with a degree in hospitality that let them shine for employment opportunities on cruise ships and foreign hotel chains. It's not every day you can wake up to a new island. Oh wait! You can if you work on a cruise ship. Hospitality degrees are not unlike business degrees. They just focus on a separate aspect of business, so it's even better if you have some business experience or a master's in business that will allow you to take advantage of other business opportunities that you find while travelling.

4. International Business

If you love business and want to have a busy life, international business is one of those professions that can take you places. It's also a long-term job with plenty of traveling. You do get paid to travel, but it will mostly be for your company or companies that you represent. At the higher level, you'll be working alongside other business professionals and taking trips to meet with other managers, product managers, marketing opportunities and other ventures for your company.