Good Jobs Still Available Without Bachelor’s Degree

There are a lot of people who have discovered that college just wasn't a good option for them because they weren't able to handle the educational requirements or the costs associated with the experience. Some people opt for only getting their associate's degree or a certification because following through with a bachelor's degree program is too demanding and just doesn't fit into their schedule. However, there are still a lot of great jobs that are available for people who don't have bachelor's degrees. Of course, there are not as many as there used to be decades ago, but it proves that there are still opportunities for those who need to work and don't have those types of academic backgrounds. Generally, they require some form of post high school training.

In St. Louis, these opportunities tend to be the most prevalent in high skill manufacturing, information technology, and medicine. You are able to get these types of jobs by just getting a year or two of some extra academic experience. The Missouri Department of Economic Development is able to provide a database that provides average pay for the hundreds of jobs that are available in St. Louis. It also provides projections for job growth within the occupations that are listed until the point of 2020. Of course, forecasts for employment is generally very risky – that's why it's important for people to understand that these are just estimates and not a complete promise.

There are a lot of opportunities for those who don't have bachelor's degree – enough to the extent that they're well-paying jobs. Aircraft pilots don't need a degree and those who have experience are able to average around $86,000. The only issue is that there are few jobs for htem depending on the location where you may be living at. Registered nurses require a two year associate's degree, even though some choose to earn bachelor's degrees. There are over 30,000 jobs within that position in St. Louis and it's estimated that there will be 19 percent more in 2020 than there were during the period of 2010. The starting pay averages from $43,000 and experienced nurses can earn around $60,000. However, many of the best paid jobs that have low education requirements are found within construction. The industry is beginning to improve after being dealt a hard blow during the Great Recession. Newcomers can expect that they are going to be competing with a lot of unemployed and experienced workers, as a result.

Manufacturing is another area which doesn't require a lot of education – many of the hottest jobs are in welding and precision machinery. The benefit of these two career choices not only comes in the form of financial rewards, but also in the form of timing. Someone choosing a certification in these fields can expect to be completed with training and working within a matter of a few months rather than a few years. Individuals would have to tend and fix machines, but they also have to have an understanding of advanced manufacturing processes and programming, which is a skill that can be learned within a year or two.