Graduate Certificate Programs Helping Nurses With Careers

The amount of demand associated with educated nurses is continuing to increase as the medical industry continues to improve and evolve. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing shows that prospective and current nurses are responding to a large amount of rising education requirements. This means that they are enrolling in numerous types of programs at nursing schools throughout the country – more specifically, it has increased greatly in the period found between 2010 and 2011. There are many nursing schools which are offering graduate certificates which will allow nurses to expand on their levels of expertise and work towards meeting critical areas of need that are found within the profession of nursing. Graduate certificates are offered to nurses that have earned a Master of Science in Nursing and are designed to enhance the professional competencies associated with applying for national certification in specialized fields and disciplines.

Graduate certificate programs meet the Institute of Medicine's recommendations written for nurses who are seeking to achieve and earn higher levels of education. It also provides nursing schools with different ways to help prepare nurses for the evolving world of the medical industry and patient needs within the upcoming decade. The programs teach nurses about some of the major areas of need within the healthcare industry and where they may be the most needed within the workforce. In example, nursing education is becoming a very in demand area where more nurses are necessary in order to ensure the proper training and development of nurses for future projects. U.S nursing schools are reported to have turned away over 75,000 applicants from graduate and baccalaureate programs because they didn't have enough staff or faculty to handle the responsibility of providing education to those students. If the industry does not have enough experienced and educated nurses to provide education as staff members for nursing schools, it will be impossible for the industry to be able to prepare for the national shortage of nurses.

The use of health care informatics is another field where graduate certificates is helping to prepare nurses for further involvement within the industry. A report by the Jobs for the Future and Burning Glass Technologies has measured that online job postings for health care informatics positions grew around 36 percent from the period of 2007 to 2011. However, this is a field that is dependent upon having nurses that have had a specialized education in order to ensure that information technology is being used to its advantage within the industry, such as with the use of electronic health records. Nurses who have earned their graduate certificate within the field of nursing informatics will have many different roles within the industry, such as working as a clinical informatics analyst or even as a chief nursing information officer. As a result, many nurses are being advised to find a graduate certificate program in their area and find out what opportunities it can possibly present to them professionally. The benefits of the graduate certificate program will allow a nurse to specialize in areas where jobs are open rather than narrowing their career options to generalized nursing roles.