How Do Business Graduates Fair in the Job World?

How Do Business Graduates Fair in the Job World?
Business graduates are doing well compared to others in the job market.

Business professionals have a lot of job options in today's market. However, business professionals are also more likely to apply to graduate programs when the economy is stable. In these kinds of conditions, a master's degree and real work experience can benefit them to getting back what they spend on academic education. Based on the results of a new Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) survey, this tradition is becoming more common among business professionals. In a recent press release, alumni in business made back one-third of their financial investment within one year of earning their graduate management degree. In addition, these same graduates were also able to get back the full cost of their program within four years of graduation.

Those are big numbers considering the cost of a business education at the graduate level, up to $50,000 or more in some cases. The findings were based on responses from 4,135 graduates from classes between 2000 and 2011. Of the 963 members of the class of 2011 who also participated in the study, 86% reported that they had a job after completing the program. Dave Wilson, GMAC's president and CEO, said that anybody who is thinking about pursuing a graduate management degree will want to also take in the potential return for the investment.

"These results demonstrate that a graduate management degree is, in fact, a solid investment in your future, both in good and bad economic times," said Wilson.

These findings will build upon the increased popularity of business degree programs. There are currently more online programs than ever in the field of business. Students are working hard to fund their education while still working at their career. In these cases, the newly developing online business degrees have generously helped these students, who would otherwise be stuck without the credits to graduate with a business degree thanks to their full time schedule.

Master's degrees are already hard to achieve, but this the only degree that can help many pay back what they spent on their entire business education. Internships and volunteering are two ways that students can also kickstart their job search for a good job while still working towards completing their degrees. You can find plenty of business degree opportunities online. Currently, the top three degrees are business administration, business management and finance.

If considering a business degree, it's best to look at tuition for several schools and find the school that will give you the most prestige without hurting your wallet too much. If cost is a major concern, consider going to a school with online courses or financial aid programs to cut down on the costs. This will allow you to reap more benefits once you graduate and start paying back your education loans.