How to Get a Film Degree

Becoming a film director or getting into acting takes a lot of hard work. It's not easy to market your abilities, especially since they are considered art forms. Film directors, producers, and actors spend years studying their craft, learning about directing styles, film analysis, cinematography, production, set design, screenwriting and plenty of other fields. IF you want to be a professional in Hollywood, however, you have to also be willing to put your projects out on the market and take criticism. Depending on the level of your experience and what equipment you can find, you can become a film director or actor all on your own, and you don't have to live in Los Angeles to make it big.

Earning the Degree

Prestigious film schools sometimes require that students take some kind of drama or theater in high school or at the very least, complete a one-year program that will give a foundation for working in the industry and understanding film and cinematography. Two-year and four-year programs in film, production, screenwriting or acting may be under drama or film departments at a college. In some cases, film is taught under liberal arts and sciences as part of an English major. It's best if you pick schools that have a notoriety for film degrees, such as New York University. Martin Scorcese graduated from NYU's College of Arts and Sciences.

Getting the Master's

Most film degrees at the graduate level fall under Master of Fine Arts. MFAs at places like New York Film Academy allow students to develop a passion for filmmaking. Working with other students, as well as independent projects, MFA students produce their own films and start becoming an auteur, usually showing their films to university students and other festivals. There's all kinds of MFA programs, some that focus just on film, others just on acting, and even more specific, such as documentary film degrees, like the one at Stanford University.

Moving into a Career

If you study film direction, then it's obvious that you want to be a film director. However, it may be a long road to developing projects that will see the silver screen. However, if you're dedicated to becoming a director, then you should never allow your talents to fall into someone else's hands. There's a real screen that anyone can see through the Internet, and you can publish your own work through places like YouTube or Hulu and become a star, simply by showing you exist. The approach to becoming a successful film director, producer, screenwriter or actor is just by how well you can market your abilities and never giving up. Abundant communities exist online and locally that are dedicated to small productions, independent films and screen writers. You should always look for these opportunities and develop your style, gaining experience by working with others and exhibiting your work.