Is Naturopathy a Marketable Degree?

Naturopathy is a degree program that mixes metaphysical sciences with health and nutrition. This degree program is considered to be an alternative medicine format such as herbology or other holistic medication and alternative medicine degree programs. There are very few colleges or universities that offer this particular degree program. In the United States the American Institute of Holistic Theology, University of Metaphysical Sciences and several other colleges offer this particular program. The question with this program is if the degree itself is a marketable degree. The following are some answers to that question that should be taken into consideration by students considering this degree path.

Concentrations in Naturopathy

One of the aspects of naturopathy that can make the degree marketable or not depends on the concentration that the student chooses. There are several concentrations in naturopathy that a student can choose from. The most common are mixtures of Chinese, Tibetan and Aryuveda medication formats mixed with acupuncture and massage therapy. There are certain aspects of chiropractic medicine that will get into naturopathy however these aspects are considered to be add-on certifications and not part of the chiropractic medicine format or education. Depending on the concentration that a student chooses, there may be certain jobs or positions available with existing alternative medicine practitioners.

Working with Existing Practitioners

Working with existing practitioners is a way to ensure that the degree is in fact marketable. However, students should note that working with an existing practitioner may be difficult. For example, many alternative medicine practitioners work on their own and do not have a full staff. These are not employment options that are comparable to other medical professions. For example, if you received a degree in nursing, you will be able to get on with a doctors office or hospital. However, as a naturopathy graduate you may not have as many options readily available to you.

Self Marketing Naturopathy Degrees

One of the best ways to make a naturopathy degree marketable is to work for yourself. As a naturopathy graduate, even on the bachelors level, you will be able to offer alternative medicine skills to individuals in your community, online or to family members. This is one of the easiest ways to ensure that you do have a marketable degree and that you can find employment after you have graduated.

Students who choose a naturopathy degree program should keep in mind that each state has different rulings and guidelines regarding the use of naturopathy degrees and that the degree is accepted as a form of medicine in the state. Though some states may not have a complete guideline list or regulation list for alternative degrees, they will still have a list of guidelines that ensures you are following state requirements. Regardless of your degree plans, you may want to check with these guidelines and your state regulations prior to entering into naturopathy degree. You may also want to ensure the naturopathy degree you choose is accredited with the proper associations. These associations will be listed with natural health and alternative medicine organizations and can easily be found through the sources.