With the post-secondary landscape changing more rapidly than ever before, finding the perfect degree that'll interest you and land you a good job has never been tougher. Luckily, we've narrowed down the search to the five hottest degrees of this school year, making sure there's a well-rounded balance all around.



This field covers studying living things, encompassing everything from flora to fauna, and diseases to cures. It's one of the fastest growing industries, thanks to the looming baby boom generation population, and includes these benefits:

  • 6.4% job growth between 2001 to 2010
  • 62% predicted job growth between 2010 to 2020
  • Average salary in 2010 was $82,697


Software Development


A degree in anything computer-related is almost a no-brainer, as the future is becoming increasingly reliant on all things digital. Getting a degree in this field sets up you with a steady payday and a core understanding of how the world will work:

  • 7% growth rate since 2010, or 70,872 new jobs
  • Average salary of $91,844+ from top American companies



Numbers have never been more important, with a degree in it leading to big ones down the road. As the economy rights itself and the population ages, accountants will be increasingly in demand:

  • 37,123 jobs added since 2010
  • Projected job growth of 16% between 2010 to 2020
  • Available careers in every sector the economy, as each business relies on things like tax returns, filing and other basic economic principles


Mechanical Engineering


Although it might appear like mechanical engineering has shifted to the East, revolutionary technologies like solar power and production refinement are still firmly in need of able bodies and quick minds:

  • Just over a quarter of a million currently employed
  • 6% job growth since 2010, or 13,847 jobs


There's a reason why becoming a lawyer has never really faded out of practice: people will always need legal help. And with more entrepreneurs entering the workforce than ever before, your services will be incredibly valued:

  • Earning potential of $1 million+ versus the average bachelor's degree
  • Median starting salary of $56,000 in the public sector
  • Median starting salary of $160,000 in the private sector


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