$1 Million for Earth Science Degree Programs

$1 Million for Earth Science Degree Programs
Two schools recent half a million to fund earth science students with scholarships.

Bradford Cooke, the Chairman and CEO of Endeavour Silver Corp, surprised Queens University and University of British Columbia with two $500,000 scholarships for Earth Science programs at the schools. Endeavor has initiated the funding of $100,00 per year for five years to each of the universities to fund undergraduate and graduate scholarships as well as other financial aid for students in the Earth Sciences programs. The scholarships are to help students focus on studies in economics, metallurgy, mining, and geology.

At the University of British Columbia, 80% of that funding will go towards an Endowment Fund to permanently fund two scholarships called the Endeavour Silver Corp. Undergraduate Scholarships in Earth and Ocean Sciences and the Endeavor Silver Corp. Graduate Scholarships in Earth and Ocean Sciences. The remaining money will be spent on these scholarships for the first five years until the Endowment Fund reaches its potential. The two awards are based on academic excellence and preference is given to those students with a particular interest in economic geology. The first five undergraduate scholarships and initial three graduate scholarships were actually granted last year in October, which kicked off the program for the students.

At Queens University, 70% of the funding will also go towards an Endowment Fund which will permanently fund two scholarships. However, 15% will also go directly towards giving money to these scholarships and awards for the first five years, until the Endowment Fund reaches its full potential. The other 15% will create a geology, teaching assistant fund. The scholarships and awards are also based on academic excellence and preference is given to students with particular interest in economic geology, mineral exploration and geological engineering.

"It is common knowledge that the exploration and mining sectors are suffering from an industry-wide shortage of skilled professionals. Endeavour Silver has enjoyed some success in recent years and we feel it is both important and timely to start attracting and financing more top students in economic geology and related studies," said Cooke. "We are therefore thrilled to be able to offer these two Endeavour Silver scholarship programs."

So why such a gift at this time? Cooke also graduated from UBC, and the COO and CFO of Endeavour also graduated from UBC and Queens. Mr. Cooke received a B.Sc Honours degree in Geology in 1976, which allowed him to spend four years working in mineral exploration for major mining and oil companies, returning to do his post-graduate studies at UBC, then receiving a M.S.c Geology degree in 1984.

The schools are very grateful for the new financial aid. Dr. Greg Dipple, Head of the Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences at UBC also stated that he was very pleased to be offered such an award by Endeavour and that eight students will benefit this year from the financial assistance.