Online Business (E-Business) Degree Programs

A degree in Internet-based or E-business is a fairly new degree program for most students to see. The ideal concept of the degree program and e-business is to help students obtain the education they need in order to start, develop, market and maintain an online business. Before an individual chooses an e-business degree program there are a few things they should know.

Online Programs

A prime area to find an e-business degree program is to look online. Several colleges that offer online degree programs, certifications and career diplomas will offer a variety of e-business programs and degrees. These degrees may be offered as certificates that train individuals on specific aspects of e-business. Other programs may offer full business administration degrees with an emphasis in online business. The most common online program is a career diploma or Associates degree in aspects of online business and online business marketing.

Governing Agencies

Though several governing agencies are available to business administration, business management and accounting majors there are no set governing agencies over online business degree programs. There is no set certification board and there are no set certifications. One program may be drastically different than another. Before committing to an online or traditional degree program in online or e-business is best for the student to decipher what type of online business they wish to run and what type of online services they wish to offer. For example, if a student wishes to open an online business that is based in professional blogging they may wish to take a WordPress certification and several related marketing courses. If a student wishes to promote their business primarily through social media they may need to take a social media marketing course or some other form of similar training.


The tuition fees for an e-business degree or online business degree vary drastically depending on the type of degree program chosen. In many cases, a student is already working in a business administration or management field and has decided to obtain further education. For this reason, certifications are the primary choice for many professionals. The certifications may range from as low as $50 per certification to as high as $5000 per certification depending on the type of certification, certification agency and what education that certification will cover.

Career Opportunities

There are several career opportunities available for someone with a certification or degree in e-business or online business. The career opportunities range drastically depending on the type of certification the student has and what type of business they would like to run. The serious types of career opportunities are in professional blogging, affiliate marketing and management, marketing management, social media management, WordPress certified professional blogging and online sales and product services management.