Reasons Homeschoolers Seek out Education Degrees

For parents who are looking at a homeschool option, the reasons to seek out certain degrees can vary. For some parents seeking out a theology or seminary base degree will not only meet the goals of obtaining a higher level degree but also meet the goals required by the state in order to keep their child in homeschool. For other homeschoolers, the state guidelines may not require as many stipulations or may require that a homeschooler be a certified teacher. In this case, many parents are turning to education degrees. There are other reasons that an education degree may be a suitable option for a homeschool parent.

Navigating the Homeschool System

Each state has its own rulings regarding homeschool. Some states require that homeschool parents simply turn in certain paperwork to the state every six weeks to every semester. Some states may require paperwork only be turned in every year. Other states however may have stricter guidelines that require a student to be homeschooled either through a church school or through a tutor that is teacher certified in that state. Navigating the homeschool system with an education degree and a teacher certification will make homeschooling a child much easier. Not only does the parent have the knowledge necessary to navigate curriculums and create curriculums, but they also have the education necessary to appeal to the public school system and homeschooling guidelines.

Curriculum Knowledge

For some parents, standard curriculum such as the backup program may not appeal to the families' particular interests. 85% of homeschool programs are based in Christian theology, evangelical Christian theology or in other forms of religious background. However, there are several parents and homeschooling parents who do not want to follow a religious curriculum. They may be completely equipped to handle their child's education, but curriculum may be a bit difficult. For this reason, several parents and homeschoolers have moved to education degrees in order to give them the curriculum knowledge they will need to create the proper curriculum for their child and to navigate the curriculum as the child learns and shows interest in certain aspects and areas.

Teacher Assistant Breaks

Teacher assistant breaks are generally offered on taxes. For homeschoolers, there are certain taxes incentives and tax breaks that allow them to take homeschooling supplies and write them off as a deduction or a credit. The combination of a teacher assistant break, tax breaks, income breaks, nonprofit breaks, knowledge of curriculum and navigating the homeschool system will offer a much better option than standard homeschooling without an education degree. Though many homeschool parents find an education degree to offer increased benefits, the financial benefits may be the deciding factor.

For homeschooling parents, there are several options depending on the state. The best option, before expending money into particular early childhood education or elementary education degree programs is to look at the guidelines for the state. Certain states may offer homeschooling curriculum packages, education for homeschoolers or other programs that will save tuition money and allow a homeschooling parent to put that tuition money to other degree programs would benefit their homeschooled child more than an education degree.