Ron Paul’s Homeschool Degree : The Basics

Ron Paul has many controversial thoughts and designs for the United States. One of the most controversial aspects of Ron Paul's thought process is the elimination of the Department of Education. In fact, Congressman Paul's views on the Department of Education and the need or lack there of for the Department of Education has come under fire under recent years. In early 2013, Congressman Paul announced that he was coming out with a homeschool program. This homeschool program is a K-12 homeschooling curriculum. The homeschooling curriculum has been embraced by several homeschooling parents, however other homeschooling parents and members of the Department of Education feel that the homeschooling curriculum does not explore aspects of education that are required while it does explore aspects of education that are far-reaching. For this reason, many parents are confused as to what the basics of the Ron Paul homeschool curriculum entail. The following are a few of the basics regarding the Ron Paul homeschooling curriculum.

Liberty Education

Ron Paul's stance has always been one for limited government participation in citizens' lives. This means that it is no secret, that his homeschool curriculum would center around liberty education. Liberty education according to Congressman Paul is based on students learning about Western civilization, basics of American history, basics of the United States Constitution, geography and free market economics. Congressman Paul feels that these are the basis for the United States government and should be discussed in history as well as in practical learning.

Free Curriculum

One of the more interesting aspects and well accepted aspects of Congressman Paul's homeschool program, is the free curriculum option. This option makes the curriculum completely free to parents of K through five students. It is available to anyone online through the Ron Paul website. PDFs and YouTube are available for reference and research for the curriculum. However, if parents would like to state in forums or in discussions they must pay $250 per year. This has set some parents on edge making them feel as if they have to pay much more than some of the other homeschooling curriculums and church schools in order to participate in any kind of discussion or question and answer regarding the curriculum itself. Parents have also noticed that though the curriculum is free for K through five students, it does not offer any inquiry answers. If a parent has a question, the question is largely unanswered if it is not part of the frequently asked questions section of the website. This has left many parents wondering what exactly the benefit is of parents using the homeschooling curriculum.

Middle School and High School

One of the basics regarding Ron Paul's homeschool curriculum is that the school itself will offer curriculum for K-12. However, though this is in the works, currently the curriculum is only offered up to fifth grade. The curriculum is free up to fifth-grade however there is no word on how much the middle school and high school curriculum willcost and when that curriculum will be available. The website currently offers information stating that the website will be ready in 2015. There is also information curriculum courses will be posted in stages. This leaves many parents who want to use the curriculum wondering how long they will have to wait. For example, if your child is in the third grade there may be questions regarding if there will be any curriculum for them in three years. These questions have not been answered by Congressman Paul and do not appear to have an answer on the website beyond the generic 2015 answer date.

According to the Ron Paul curriculum website, there are several aspects of the curriculum that are not covered. In fact, on the basics of the website parents will find that the Khan Academy is being offered as an option for math. Many parents had an issue with this due to the fact that math is supposed to be a standard of the Ron Paul curriculum and should be offered through K through five grades. Currently, forums are available for algebra and basic math but do not exceed past algebra and the Khan Academy is often referred to as the place to go for math curriculum. This has left many parents wondering exactly what the Ron Paul curriculum will include for the future, if there will be future offerings and if the Ron Paul curriculum is actually something that should be taken on by homeschooling parents.