STEM Majors Flooding to Other Degrees

STEM jobs are a popular topic with colleges, universities, and academically inclined politicians. Because of the popularity of these jobs, it would seem that there would be many graduates in STEM fields. Unfortunately, that is not true. In fact, it is a growing trend in universities to see a sequence when attitude toward these types of career fields. Many graduates tend to drop out of the field within the first year with even more dropping out over the next three years of their undergraduate degree plans. There are several reasons that majors in these fields are flooding to other degrees.

The Academic View

The academic view for why majors are flooding to other degrees is based on a sink or swim attitude. It is believed that many of the jobs in these fields are considered professional positions that require a higher level of education. For that reason, the schools offering this higher education tend to try and weed out individuals early on. This is due to several factors. The first factor being that they do not want to see students floundering to get their grades. They would rather keep the best of the best in the program. The second factor is the limited amount of positions in the fields. The third, is the limited amount of internships and graduate study slots within these fields.

The Student View

The student viewpoint is slightly different than the academic viewpoint. Students believe that the classes are geared specifically to weed them out and the profession is not as hard as the classes themselves. They also believe that there are better opportunities and easier opportunities within other fields such as public relations and liberal arts. The problem with this view is the outlook on the growing trend of students looking for an easier route. Though the easier route does lead to more jobs, it also leads to students with an in adequate education in certain fields.

The Academic Solution

The academic solution is the state. Many academics feel there is no issue with the classes and that the issue is merely with the students. They feel students need to buckle down more if they want to go into fields such as premed, law, and upper-level technology professions. The viewpoint in academia is if a student truly wants it, they will not be discouraged by currently filled internship positions or the job market. They will try harder, make better grades, and work harder to the top of their class in order to receive top-of-the-line internships in their field.

The student and academic viewpoints of the trend in changing majors from science and technology to liberal arts has been the same for decades. The reason they have come to light in recent years is due to the popularity of the degrees discussed and political circles and news circles. It seems, that at least in these fields, a student must strive harder to achieve their goals or choose an easier route to achieve success.