Types of Alternative Degrees

For students wanting a nontraditional career there are several alternative degrees available through online resources. These degrees are in a nontraditional career options and have various academic requirements and resources for their students. These degrees may be religious, philosophical, related to green and natural living or may offer alternative forms of medicine. These degree programs vary in length and can take as little as one year to as many as five years. These degrees may also offer traditional degree levels such as Associate and Bachelors degrees while others may offer certification levels.

Religious Clergy

Alternative religions have seminaries and online clergy ordinations just as their traditional religious counterparts. These various seminaries and schools are offered throughout the Internet and are certified with their respective communities. Examples of religious clergy degrees are Wiccan clergy, pagan clergy, Buddhist clergy and humanistic clergy. These degrees often require at least one year of religious study in their respective religious philosophy and theology. At the end of the students course of studies they will be ordained with in the church or religious movement and will be able to perform weddings legally as well as performing religious duties with in their particular faith-based path.


Metaphysics is considered to be an alternative science as will as a natural science. There are various forms of metaphysics degrees available online through metaphysical accredited institutions. Metaphysical degrees are offered online in the traditional degree tiers such as Associate, Bachelors and Doctorate degrees. A metaphysical degree may be in natural healing, herbalism, philosophy, relaxation therapy and spiritual counseling. Paranormal metaphysics degrees are also available through various metaphysical organizations. A metaphysics degree takes the same amount of time and effort as any other associate, bachelor or doctorate degree would take. Within the metaphysical community a metaphysics degree, especially a doctorate degree, is considered on the same level as a traditional doctorate degree.

Holistic Medicine

Though holistic medicine is a growing profession with several academic universities offering degree plans in the genre is still a fairly alternative degree. Holistic medicine is becoming increasingly popular, especially with the many recalls of pharmaceutical medications and overseas created medications. A holistic medicinal practitioner may work as a holistic nurse, holistic counselor, herbalist, Chinese herbalist or as an acupuncture therapist. There are various forms of holistic medicine available for students looking into the field. Holistic medicine may or may not require various certifications within the state or territory the student lives in. The ease required certifications or lack thereof it should be considered prior to obtaining a holistic degree or committing to a holistic degree program.