Types of Career Diplomas

For students who do not want to obtain an Associates, Bachelors, graduate or postgraduate degree and have their sights set on a particular career field, a career diploma may be the optimal choice. A career diploma generally takes between three months and two years to complete and can be completed through traditional community college methods or online through selected career diploma institutes. A career diploma is generally taken by students who want to have a particular career option. Here are the most popular types of career diplomas available.

Wedding Planner

For students who wish to start their career or create a business as a wedding planner, a wedding planner career diploma is the optimal choice. This particular career diploma will offer the training that wedding planner needs in order to schedule weddings, create wedding packages, and to handle the events of the day to make sure that a couple's wedding runs smoothly. In additional to traditional wedding packages a wedding planner may also wish to obtain an ordination through a church or online organization that has been legalized to ordain officiates. A wedding planner may also wish to expand their business by offering same-sex commitment ceremonies and alternative religious ceremonies.

Daycare Provider

A student may wish to operate or work in a daycare. In order to operate a daycare there are several state licenses that a daycare provider must obtain. However, the state licenses usually come after the daycare provider has received the proper education on how to own, operate and maintain a daycare to government standards. A daycare provider may receive a career diploma after obtaining the proper education and skills necessary to operate their daycare.

Medical Assistant

Medical offices tend to run differently than other business offices. This is why the medical field offers a medical assistant position. Medical assistant career diplomas are available for students who wish to work in medical offices as a front desk assistant, medical billing clerk, medical records clerk or as a general assistant in smaller medical offices. A medical assistant career diploma can take less than two years to complete and will educate the student on the proper methods for maintaining a medical business office and working as an assistant with in that office.

Medical Transcriptionist

Medical transcription is one of the most popular work at home jobs and therefore one of the most popular career diplomas. A medical transcriptionist must be trained in proper medical terminology, the construction of medical terminology, how to transcribe medical dictation and on proper outpatient and inpatient procedures. A medical transcriptionist can expect to obtain their career diploma within six months to two years depending on the level of devotion and time they give to the medical transcriptionist program.