Types of Teaching Degrees

When it comes to becoming a teacher, you will have to have a degree. You will also be required to take a competency test and acquire a state license. Each state has a different set of licensing requirements, however. In 2009, the "No Child Left Behind" law was passed in an effort to provide a chance for every student to get the education they deserve. However, most states now have a requirement for each teacher to have either a Master's degree in education or just basic education classes. However, it is not required to have an undergraduate degree in education for those who are licensed. Here are the different teaching degrees for different grades.

Early Childhood Education Degrees

Although most states require a college degree for teaching early childhood for ages two through five, some states still use instructors without a degree instead to teach these classes. There are also early childhood teaching programs available for those wanting to teach these children.

Elementary Education Degrees

For grades Kindergarten through 6th, 7th or 8th, you will be required to take multiple subjects teaching programs for teaching these children. You will be introduced to the different subjects that are taught in elementary such a math, reading and science. You will also have to learn take courses in education development, child development, curriculum building and learning assessment to earn a degree in elementary education.

High School Education Degrees

For teaching students in high school, you will have to take a deeper dive into a single subject. You can opt in for majoring in the subject you decide to teach which includes physical education, English, music, art and History. While you are completing your major in one of these subjects you can also begin your certification in the higher education. Such as with the elementary teaching programs, you will be introduced to education technology, professional teaching methods and curriculum development. You will also be able to take a course in adolescent development. For those wanting to teach music and art, you will be able to find a program for teacher education degrees.

Special Education Degrees

For special education programs for students with a disability, there are special education degrees for those wanting to teach these students. Maybe you want to teach those who have autism and speech and language problems The most common teaching degree for the special education degrees is K-12. However, you can also be trained to teach K-6 for children with lower level learning disabilities. The coursework for special education degrees will combine classroom management with curriculum development as well as evaluation and assessment of disabilities. You will also be trained to communicate effectively with children with learning disabilities as well as their parents.