UT’s New Online Engineering Degree Excites Business Students

The best part about the Internet revolution is it gave education back to the masses. Those who had issues going to a traditional classroom no longer had to worry, and as many colleges are moving towards virtual environments, more programs will be available. That's the thought in mind as a new online degree program was unveiled at University of Texas this past month. The Cockrell School of Engineering announced a 2-year program this past June and accept students as early as this August for the new program.

The new degree will be in engineering management and courses will be entirely conducted online. Students in the program must complete 30 credit hours that focus on the most recent methods and technology that are used for business aspects of the engineering field. Students will also take 16 hours of classes online once a month for two years. The online students will join current students in the program on campus through a virtual participation, thus allowing them to take part in discussions and lectures.

While the traditional master's degree in engineering management costs $40,000 for tradition al grad students, the online degree program will cost $2,000 more, including fees, tees, and tuition. The application deadline for the class of 2014 will be November 1st, 2012.

Cath Polito is the director of the UT Center for Lifelong Engineering Education and stated that the program will be set up for those working professionals who are not able to attend class at a regular time. However, two days of missed class is equivalent to about a month's worth of class or sixteen hours of lecture, she also added. Those students who are working full time are best suited to the program.

UT has long offered continuing education for professional engineers and has other online programs, such as the online degree in software engineering.

"What we are finding is that people want to come back for a master's degree but the challenge is that they can't come to UT for the traditional hours because they also have to work full-time," said Polito.

The engineering management program just hit the 10 year mark and online program is the newest step for UT's college of engineering. There are other business classes at UT that are entirely held online, but this is the first for engineering and business.