What Degrees Work for Publishing Jobs?

Thinking of getting into a publishing career? Editors and writers can make a killing in this field, but students definitely have to compete for the better jobs. Those students with the top degrees will earn the best positions. There are a ton of different pathways into publishing and no "one" degree is right. From political science majors to English graduates, publishing is wide open to those who understand the field and want to do well. So what degree should you get? To understand a bit more, let's look into how different degrees apply to this field and what degree will take you in the right direction.

1. English

English is a versatile undergraduate degree and can even lead to a career in writing, publishing, law, or even business. The essential reason why English offers a good education for publishing is because of the reading. You study and read all types of literature, poetry, articles, periodicals, journals, and novels. In many English departments, film, philosophy and analytical theory are also a part of the rhetoric. Whether you want to be a writer or editor in the publishing field, English degrees offer some insight into this field's daily work but also prepares you to work with editors, reviewers, critics, and of course, other writers.

2. History

Book publishers often relate to different histories of the world. Many students who get history degrees also go into political science, business, law or even medicine. A history degree is beneficial for anyone who wants to work in the publishing field. If you plan to write a book, edit texts for a travel magazine, work for a history book publishing company, want to edit historical texts and articles, or you just want to work in a particular field of history, this is the degree to pick. The best way to get into this field is to specialize in a certain part of history.

3. Sociology

Sociology relates specifically to the study of people and their cultures, how their civilization affects society and how society affects people. If you enjoy research positions and want to edit texts, such as working for a psychology journal or just write for a monthly magazine such as Reader's Digest, sociology degrees offer a well-rounded basis to get into this field of publishing.

4. Digital Media

Truly, if you want to work in publishing in today's world, all of the above degrees offer you the skills to be a writer or editor. However, that's only part of the equation. The publishing field is vastly made of images and even film. Print is becoming less and less common, as everything transitions into online format. However, editing, writing and analysis are still necessary to make it in the online publishing field. It's even better if you have the skills of photography, filmography, Adobe Photoshop, web design and other graphic arts. That's because a large part of the web is visual and if you can integrate your editing and writing skills with visuals? You've got a really good chance of making it in the online publishing circle.