Types of Teaching Degrees

Day Care Management degrees are becoming increasingly popular online and in traditional training areas. Individuals may turn to a degree in day care management in order to start their own home day care business or to train others in day care sciences. Before starting on the path to a day care career program, there are a few things to know and consider.

State Requirements

The first thing to consider are the state requirements to operate a day care or to work in a day care environment as a manager. Some states require various degree credentials to work as a manager or own a daycare. These are minor concerns when compared to legal issues. You may be asked to become bonded. You may also be asked to submit to a criminal background check. Individuals with felonies or those who have had issues with child abuse in their past will not or may not be able to work in the day care and child care industry.

Criminal Background

As previously mentioned, criminal background checks may be required. If you have a history of criminal issues, legal issues or you have any issues with child abuse you may not be able to work in the industry. In fact, most felonies and 100% of child abuse cases will not allow you to work in the industry. A criminal background check will be required, a clean criminal history maybe required and ongoing criminal checks will be necessary.

Degree Requirements

Degree requirements, practical hours of training and on the job training may all be required in order to work in child care or to open your own daycare. These requirements will be made available by the state and can usually be checked by a state or the county Human Resource department. Your state may require that you attend certain additional courses such as CPR training and other emergency training. You will also have to meet certain home requirements in order to operate your daycare. All of these considerations can be taken into account and checked through state, county and local educational organizations and state qualification boards, in addition many parents find a

degree in early childhood education

to be a comforting additional credential to their day care provider.