Adult learners may opt for online doctor in education programs

Doctor in education programs can be completed online.
Doctor in education programs can be completed online.

Whether they choose to focus on the human resources, healthcare or higher education fields, doctor in education (Ed.D) graduates make a significant investment in their desire to educate and lead others.

Ph.D. candidates who lack the time to attend courses on campus may participate in online doctoral programs that focus on education. These courses of study offer flexibility to advanced degree seekers who may need to participate in isolative periods of research. Some might be stay-at-home parents. Others may be attempting to balance full-time employment with their academic obligations.

In an effort to aid these students, universities across the country have been adding web-based doctoral programs to their offerings. For example, one Colorado-based college recently introduced a doctorate of education (Ed.D) to further train teachers in the principles of adult education leadership. Successful candidates can enter positions of management and teaching in higher education.

Another university based in Florida has created an online Ed.D program that centers on leadership and management. While pursuing full-time careers in both the private and nonprofit sectors, these candidates can develop and tailor their planning and organizational skills.

Ed.D seekers at both institutions can prepare their dissertation projects while having access to distance learning advisors and intimate classroom settings.

In 2009, the online education sector grew by nearly 17 percent, according to recent research from the Sloan Consortium.