Best Ways to Use Your Education Degree

There isn't just one career for education degree graduates. While people may just point you in the direction of teaching, there are plenty more opportunities available. What you pick depends on what interests you, and an education background can serve you in multiple different settings. While teaching is a viable and amazing opportunity for the right person, there are also positions in business, marketing, publishing and other fields. As there are so many uses of this degree, this guide will explore a bit about how to use your degree for different fields and education degrees can help you get a better job.

1. Opportunities for Education Majors

The majority of education students go into a teaching field. This is the easiest option as there is usually a "degree track" that sets a student up to get the bachelor's degree in education and go on to a master's degree for a teacher's certificate. The important thing to remember is that while there are plenty of opportunities for teachers, you should also specialize and minor in something else to combine with your major, such as biology or a foreign language.

2. Guaranteed Entry

There are also more than one type of degree track into education. You can always choose to go into education as a business, becoming an education administrator or even policymaker. Students often go into education as a bachelor's degree, then move on to getting a business degree or law degree, using both fields to specialize and work in school management and administration or serving on a school board, helping to change different policies that benefit entire school districts. However, you will receive an easier guaranteed entry with a teaching career, which usually gives you a guaranteed hire at a school in need.

3. Advantages to the Education Degree

Those who go into education gain access to health benefits, retirement plans, and off-season holidays. In addition, it's one of the professions that lasts through a recession, especially if you receive tenure. In addition, you can spend summer and winter breaks with your family. There are some parts to education careers that are less desirable, which include long hours and lower pay for a lot of extra work. However, schools with better administrations really take care of their teachers and form a family type of atmosphere, which can really benefit teachers looking for a long-term career.