Do You Need An MBA?

Having an MBA can help you by increasing your professional opportunities, salary, and your management skills. It will provide you with the opportunity to pursue the development of a lifelong professional network that you will rely on in many of your career endeavors. People tend to pursue this option for a number of reasons, but ultimately, the MBA provides skills that will ensure that you will be prepared to advance your military career or succeed in a career within the civilian marketplace.

An MBA will balance your skills that you have gained while in the military with practical information, solution implementation, and critical thinking skills. Your MBA and your skills from the military will enhance each other so that you will be ahead of your competition, whether you are interested in a military or a civilian career. Military experience generally provides strong grounding in leadership, managing individuals and teams, flexibility, and working towards a goal. That flexibility will provide you with the ability to think with an open mind more than what the analysis of the issue may suggest. This will allow you to make better decisions in the long run.

During graduate business school, this type of experience makes your input and opinions valuable to your classmates and those around you. Many MBA students can draw from their work experience, but a military career may have taken you to different countries and placed you in various cultures and settings. That requires a level of adaptation and decision making that cannot be replicated in the civilian world. Therefore, your perspective and skills will be very important while you are in graduate business school and they will be sought out by corporate recruiters because of your insight.

An MBA is a proven means to immediate and future opportunities on a professional scale. It will provide you with a broad array of options to choose from. The degree is typically earned by individuals who want to advance rapidly through their career path and move away from something narrow that they may have found themselves in during their educational journey. It will expose you to technical specialty opportunities and give you a more managerial focus. You can also be used to create a bridge from a military to a civilian career.

Having a graduate management degree enhances the skills that are useful in many military specialties and is necessary if you are going to move up in rank throughout your time spent in the military. A review of educational resumes of senior officers tends to reveal that they have MBAs. The degree also provides a network of students and alumni that you can rely on for guidance and help throughout the course of your career. Whether you are planning on returning to civilian life or working on a full military career, having an MBA from a respected school will provide you with skills and a valuable credential that you will be able to use for many years to come as you pursue your goals and dreams.