Earning a higher degree could increase job opportunities and learning potential

Attaining a higher degree could be good for a career path
Attaining a higher degree could be good for a career path

The job market has grown increasingly discouraging over the past two years. Individuals who want to get ahead of the game may want to consider upgrading their degrees, as attaining a higher education has been shown to not only increase job opportunities, but also average yearly compensation.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that overall, the unemployment rate decreases for each level of education attained, ranging from less than a high school diploma to a doctoral degree. The largest difference for jobless chances is between no degree and an associate's degree, which has a 1.8 percent gap in unemployed individuals.

The largest discrepancy in average compensation exists between those who have received a professional degree and those who completed a master's program. Many individuals who are looking to master their field typically choose to obtain either of these degrees, depending on their field of expertise.

Enrolling in a higher degree is a great idea for those who are looking to set themselves up for the job market. As salaries and positions have become increasingly competitive, having the extra edge could lead to more opportunities.