Five Questions to Stand Out for MBA Interviews

Getting into a good business school means that you have to have the right attitude, but more importantly, you have to know how to answer those hypothetical questions that interviewers toss out just to test you. Business school students often prepare a list of responses for different questions that they expect from the interviewer, but what about your own questions? That's the definition of a true leader, someone who knows what to ask and how to answer. The portion of the interview where you express interest and curiosity is often one of the ways that interviewers will remember you and also pick you to go to their business school. Here's some of the questions that you can toss back during your MBA admissions interview.

1. Ask questions about something you read on a school brochure or on the website.

If there was something particularly interesting that the business school said in an advertisement or flyer or infographic, use that to your advantage and ask the interviewer to explain more. This shows that you researched the MBA school and that you are interested in learning about the school and figuring out answers to something that was complicated, like a strange course or degree program.

2. Talk to the interviewer about why he chose to work for the business school.

It's true that people love to talk about themselves and their successes, so be sure to ask an interviewer why they chose to become a part of this particular business school. This will engage the interview to talk more and also give you some firsthand knowledge about what makes the school special. In addition, you can follow up with a question about whether the interviewer would choose the same school if he had to do it all over again.

3. Question the school's greatest asset or the program's biggest differences from other schools.

Make the interviewer work for your attention. What makes the school special? Are there programs any different? What kind of credentials make the staff any better than another school? You want to pose these questions lightly and broadly, but also get the interviewer to give you some reasons why the business school is so good and what the program has to offer that you won't find other places.

4. Describe the school as you see it.

In another question, ask the interview how he or she would describe the school. This question is only if you have a good bit of time left. Ask the interviewer for three adjectives that would describe the school best, just to see how well the interviewer knows the school and can freely associate as well as give you some authentic remarks about the school's program. You want to make sure that you don't start off with this question. Frankly, you don't want to ask this question if the interview has been really stiff. Just ask when you know that the interviewer is comfortable with you.

5. Give me some advice.

Finally, this is the most essential question that you can ask at the end of any interview and it can be an amazing tell as to whether or not you're getting into the school. Just before closing the interview, ask what kind of advice the interviewer can give you as a student at the school. This shows that you welcome feedback, have a measure of humility and value the input of others. All qualities that make a great business leader.