Global exposure can be beneficial for MBA students

Students may benefit from earning an MBA degree that grants them international exposure.
Students may benefit from earning an MBA degree that grants them international exposure.

As technology has made it easier for people across the world to communicate with each other, many American business professionals are expanding their ventures overseas. This fact might mean that individuals who decide to earn master of business administration (MBA) degrees should look for a program that offers global exposure, Frank Brown, a business school dean, told BusinessWeek.

"I look at experience and I look at the state of the world today and I conclude that international exposure, living somewhere else in the world, really immersing yourself into another culture is absolutely critical for someone to succeed in business," he said.

Currently, many institutions of higher learning offer international MBA degrees. Typically, students who enroll in one of these programs focus on global business practices during their U.S.-based classes. These individuals can expect to take courses such as global strategic management, international systems and global financial management.

Students who participate in international MBA program are also usually required to study abroad at a foreign business school for at least one semester in order to gain first-hand international experience. Additionally, some of these courses of study mandate that participants display proficiency in at least one foreign language before graduating.

Still, even students who decide to choose another concentration while pursuing their MBA degree may have the chance to gain international exposure. Today, an increasing number of American schools are forming partnerships with foreign universities, which allows individuals to study abroad.

For example, a New York-based business school has agreements with 40 other institutions. Therefore, its students can study in locations such as Argentina, Korea, Japan, Sweden and Ireland during their summer breaks, according to the school's website.