How to convince companies to pay for an advanced education

Have a plan to show how your education would benefit the company
Have a plan to show how your education would benefit the company

For workers who are looking for more responsibility, a higher education is key. However, as learning costs continue to skyrocket due to plummeting budgets, the ability to afford an advanced degree is growing increasingly unattainable.

The key to obtaining a higher degree while still working is to try and convince the employer that it is their worker's best interest to advance their knowledge. U.S. News & World Report suggests that there are a number of ways that employees can convince their companies to foot the bill for part of their degree.

It's important to stress the facts about how attaining a higher level of academic achievement can benefit the company. For example, attaining certification in certain skills could help boost business productivity, as other workers may not possess these kinds of qualifications.

Additionally, having a more solid understanding of a subject matter could lead to a sense of mastery, which could help with efficiency, ultimately leading to a happy employer. Managers may be more likely to agree to contribute to the educational costs of a more valuable employee.