Sustainable MBAs grow in popularity

Businesses are going green
Businesses are going green

There has been a greater push to be environmentally friendly, as sustainability increasingly becomes a part of the business world. As a result, those who are thinking of pursuing an MBA degree may want to consider looking into green programs in order to stand on trend.

More schools are beginning to offer sustainable MBA programs in an effort to teach students the value of using alternative energy practices, according to U.S. News & World Report.

"This competition is exciting and unique because it challenges MBAs to think about how we employ capital so that competitive investment returns flow from the value created by solving our biggest problems - poverty, climate change, ecosystem degradation - with innovation and entrepreneurship," said one school's press release for its sustainable MBA program.

Additionally, because there has been a high instance of green job creation in recent years due to the high number of government incentives for sustainable practices, jobseekerswho have an advanced knowledge in the field may have an easier time finding a career.