Best Movies About College

The four years you spend in college are some of the zaniest, most memorable years, which is why Hollywood has dedicated a whole genre of movie-making to it.

10. Revenge of the Nerds: The fraternity could never predict what was in store for them when they start harassing the nerds, with Gilbert and Lewis leading the charge of redemption. Lesson: the nerds shall inherit the earth.

9. Rudy: Being small doesn't matter if you've got a big heart, and the pint-sized Rudy proves this as he finally cracks football glory in the most 11th-hour way possible by playing on the last kickoff.

8. The Freshman: Any movie with Marlon Brando is automatically good, but when he teamed up with Matthew Broderick in 1990, the result was a dark look at illegally-provided foods. Oh, the poor Komodo dragon, who's probably the only case of being able to turn being scaly and fang-y into a sympathy case.

7. Legally Blonde: Who would have thought that the "bend and snap" could be so effective, or a savant-like knowledge of hair products could crack open a murder case? Elle Woods, that's who. She shows that being blonde, perky and bubbly is okay if that's your true self, and that being good wins out in the end.

6. Road Trip Not really the funniest or best college movie, but it contains a charm that makes for an easy watch. It also taught us two important lessons: if you're going to cheat, make sure you do it right, and there's a difference between Austin and Boston.

5. Orange County: Nobody really knew who Tom Hanks's son was until this movie came out in 2002, and turned out to be a fun little gem about a guy who'll go to just about any length to get into Stanford. And while Jack Black is usually a little too manic in movies, his stoner-ness strikes a good balance here.

4. American Pie A bumbling but sweet guy hooks up with the hot foreign student? A coffee-drinking nerd is man-bait to mothers? And apple pie has more than one purpose? Yup, it all happened in 91 minutes.

3. National Lampoon's Animal House: In 1978, John Belushi redefined fraternity life at its worst made having a GPA of 0.0 not only acceptable, but a ticket to the wildest campus party around.

2. Good Will Hunting The math genius who worked as a cleaner at MIT finally woke up to his potential and made something of his life. He wasn't technically a college student, but the movie was set in and around Boston and the halls of MIT.

1. The Social Network Not just a story about Facebook or the guy who invented it, The Social Network is a modern-day thriller that examines the nefarious side of geekdom. colors, dialogue, characters and scenes all contribute to an undercurrent of dread coursing the length of the film--an unlikely backdrop for Facebook.