Certifications to Increase Income for Freelancers

Freelance businesses are one of the fastest growing at home job options. A freelancer works in a variety of fields including writing, editing, virtual assistant niches and affiliate marketing to name a few. When a freelancer decides to enter the world of an Independent Contractor that choose to do so with their own credentials and experience as a key asset. Overtime these assets may diminish in their quality. For example, the area of affiliate marketing changes slightly daily and dramatically overtime. An affiliate marketer needs to be at the top of their game in order to continually produce income. This may mean getting certifications in particular areas of online business. There are three areas of certifications that every freelancer should consider if they want to maintain their current income or increase their income over time.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is not a fad that will be fading away anytime soon. The platforms and networking options may change, but the overall need for social marketing knowledge will remain. It does not matter what niche of freelancing the business falls into, social marketing is one of the leading ways to build clients and find increased income potential. Currently, social media marketing certifications are available through online organizations. These may be accredited, however most are not. The sole purpose of these programs is to offer the freelancer the knowledge they need now and the knowledge to take with them to prospective clients. Having the ability to not only promote themselves, but also to promote the client is vital in securing many online contracts.

Project Management

A certification in Project Management can vastly increase the income of freelancers. When a freelancer applies for a contract, they bring their knowledge and experience to the table. If that knowledge and experience consists of project management, they may be able to land a much higher paying position with the company. For example, a company or client may initially be looking for a writer, editor, manager and social media marketer. A freelancer who has the experience for all the positions and ways to bring that experience into a normal work week could increase the contract fee up to three times while still saving the client money. Project management certifications show that not only does the freelancer have the knowledge of their niche, they also have the knowledge of how to bring it all together and manage a team accordingly.

Virtual Assistant Certification

A virtual assistant is a far reaching niche of freelance opportunity. As a virtual assistant, a freelancer can bring together several administrative skills under one umbrella. The client lists opens up significally by allowing freelancers to offer administrative, writing, blogging, affiliate marketing , project management and online business management services. Though a freelancer may already have the experience in these areas, the certification as a virtual assistant shows a client the skill and the education to bring experience together.

These certifications will assist any freelancer in their hunt for increased income potential, a professional standing within the freelance community and potential clients that otherwise would have been unattainable. Certifications are available through several online resources, and are attainable in as little as a few weeks to a few months.