Classroom Not Needed For Education

Many of the college kids in the United States feel as if they don't need to be inside of a classroom in order to get an education. For them, being able to get a virtual education is the next wave of the future. A recent survey by Millennial Branding, a Gen Y research and consulting firm, suggests that the majority of millennial generation students don't feel as if attending a college campus is necessary for meeting their educational needs. Out of the 1345 individuals surveyed, only half of them said that they felt they needed to be in a classroom to get a proper education. 39 percent of the students said that a virtual education is what's next for colleges and 19 percent think that in the future, students will be able to engage with classrooms with social media.

As many people have already begun to realize from the use of MOOCs, online education is not something that should be dismissed. Many people feel that they need some disruptive innovation throughout the industry of higher learning if the education system is going to improve. The true effectiveness of the MOOCs is not completely known. One of the most troubling facts is that they have a very high dropout rate which suggests that they may not be the best learning option for everyone. The Chronicle of Higher Education estimates that the general completion rate for most MOOCs is only at ten percent. There are no widely accepted surveys that detail how well students who have completed a MOOC are actually able to understand the material that they have been taught in the course. Most of the MOOCs are only able to provide a certificate of completion, which is of an uncertain value currently. It's unknown if these options are ever going to allow people to actually work towards getting their degree, which is necessary for most types of employment.

Some instructors feel that MOOCs should become a central part of any type of institution of higher learning, not just to help produce students that can get jobs, but also to encourage the pursuit of knowledge overall. For them, it's the possibility of providing more educational options to students that may be looking for refresher courses or supplemental educational material to further improve their academic skills. Even if the student doesn't use the class for credit, they can still use the skills to help them succeed within the workplace or the real world itself.

Students who grew up with the use of the internet already feel comfortable with the concept of the online classroom - a classroom where they can learn in the privacy of their own home or anywhere that they may have an internet connection. They live on fast paced schedules where online access to classes ensures that they can pursue their education whenever they want to. There are many students who feel as if they are able to pursue their education at a better level from online classes instead.