Coursera Courses Examine Determination of Student Body

Many people are beginning to discover and explore the value of participating in Coursera courses that are being offered for free online. Offered as MOOCs, or massive open online courses, Coursera provides students with courses from some of the best colleges and universities around the world. A class such as "Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies" provides students with the promise that they are able to finish all of the coursework and at least 70 percent on their assignments, they will be able to receive a statement of accomplishment, which is something that many people are interested in for the sake of their resumes or for other academic reasons.

One of the greater highlights is that many people are becoming interested in these options because of the classmates that are present within the course. Sometimes there can be as many as 85,000 people enrolled within a class on Coursera. They are able to discuss and socialize with each other through a series of message boards that the site provides. Many people find this to be an inspirational experience because there are countless individuals present on the message boards and students that are encouraging each other not to give up on their studies; some of them are even helping each other to study by using online study groups. It's possible to interact with students from across the world.

Most of the Coursera classes are free, although the company is currently working on a tool that will cost money but would essentially help to provide verification that the student who has signed up for the class has completed all of the coursework and that their identity has been verified for participation within that MOOC. Nearly two thirds of the students that participated in some classes were taking their first entrepreneurship class and it has been said that 45 percent of the students were younger individuals who are focused on creating a business soon. For some people, Coursera is valuable to them because it allows them to participate in courses and study topics that they would not have the chance to at local universities because of scant offerings or being unable to enroll in some of the top universities. The site provides them with access to scholars that will provide them with knowledge that they would receive if they were in a course at one of those prestigious universities.

The majority of the students like to share their dreams and interest with each other in the introduction threads of the message boards. Some share their personal stories, while others talk about how Coursera has been a positive influence in their life. Many of them share their experiences and thoughts in order to encourage other students to continue with pursuing the wide range of opportunities not only provided by Coursera, but universities present in their own region. There are also discussions that are classroom specific, teacher specific and subject specific. These discussions help pave the way for students who may concerned about various aspects of obtaining their degree and moving through the educational process.