Five 100K Jobs That Do Not Require A Bachelor’s Degree

It's no secret that college tuition prices only continue to grow every year, while the salaries associated with many of those degrees are not rising at an equal level. There are many people who question whether or not the degree is actually worth the price that they pay for tuition. In actuality, there are a few careers that don't require a four year degree and are still able to provide a respectable amount of income. The compensation experts at PayScale have provided five careers where workers don't have a college degree and the top 10 percent are able to earn over $100,000 annually.


When people need a plumber the most, many of them are willing to pay almost any amount in order to ensure that nothing is going to overflow or flood their property. Steamfitters, plumbers, and pipefitters work in industrial and commercial settings. They travel to numerous locations and work in tight spaces or septic systems. It may not alway seem like the most inviting job but it pays quite a bit of money. Most plumbers have to attend a vocational school and then complete an apprenticeship.

Executive Pastry Chef

To get this position, you would need at least an associate's degree in culinary arts and five years of experience as a pastry chef. The executive pastry chef is responsible for managing the other pastry staff and may also handle expenses. They usually work in fine dining restaurants or hotels, so they have to be able to know how to make gourmet dishes.

Air Traffic Controller

This job requires only a GED or high school diploma. People in this position are responsible for ensuring that the skies are safe enough for travel. They work in control towers at airports and ensure that the planes take off and land at the proper distances. The job requires consistent concentration, which can make it stressful. However, there are plenty of breaks to ensure that the staff remains alert -- which can be useful during the night and weekend shifts. To become an air traffic controller, you need to have prior experience, usually military, or be a US citizen under the age of 31 and able to pass a course from the FAA.

Licensed Massage Therapist

These individuals work in hotels, spas, salons, and physical therapy clinics. They may also run their own business independently. Most of them are able to provide 80 different types of massage. This would be an ideal career for someone who is seeking to be self employed and maintain a flexible schedule. Most states require around 500 hours of formal training after an associate's degree.

Court Reporter

People in this field attend legal proceedings, public speeches, and meetings in order to create transcripts. They usually work at these events, although some reporters are able to work remotely. It is expected that the position's demand will grow by 14 percent over the upcoming years. Those who want this position need to be certified.