How to Talk to Your Parents about Online School

How to Talk to Your Parents about Online School
Parents often think of the new school online college to be a bit of a scam, so how do you convince them that your school is different?

Parents want to know that when their kids go to college, they are picking the right school and choosing the best place to get a degree. Many parents don't understand what online school can offer college students or believe that it is a scam. So many colleges have recognized that courses taught online can have major benefits for 21st century students. In addition, college students often want more flexibility in their schedule to hold down a job, go to social and organized events, or participate in athletics, which means that an online class or an online degree program can really be more beneficial in the long-run. Still, how do you get your parents to pay for your college education if it looks like you're just going to stay home every day? Well, the first part includes showing them that you're prepared to work hard and the second part is to prove the accreditation of your online college.

Doing the Research

In order to impress your parents, start by doing some research on online degree programs and schools. You can find schools that are accredited through the U.S. Department of Education website or you can also look at rankings by YourDegree. Some of the top online universities to consider are Westfield State University, United States Sports Academy, St. Mary's College of California, Florida International University, and Washington State University. Each of these schools also has top degree programs that U.S. News & World Report also ranked. You can find online degrees in business, education, engineering, information technology, nursing and many other top careers for today's job market. That's the most important part of this as well—proving to your parents that you're serious about your education and want to get a degree for a good future.

It's All in the Presentation

You should develop a page on three schools that you like as well as a page on the degree program that you like. You want to look into your degree program, so use YourDegree's search tools and links to find all the information that is relative to your program, such as job growth statistics, average salary earnings, top careers in the field and what kind of education level you need in the subject area. For your schools information, look at accreditation, history and student services. You also should look up the cost of the school's degree program and relevant financial aid information. This will impress upon your parents that the online school's program is just like a normal school and offers the same benefits. You can show them how it is also similar by how financial aid can be used to help offset the cost of tuition, books and living expenses.

Don't Cry, Mom!

This is more about showing your parents that you are taking charge of your education and that you don't want to glide through the motions. You need to show what your plans are to complete the degree online, how it has more benefits than a traditional school degree, and what it will be like with you at home. You can talk about how it will give you more time to work or that you plan on getting an internship in your degree field to help you further get into a career. You can also show how it will save money, as living costs and expensive housing plans will simply just make it more expensive to go away to school. In addition, play on your parent's desires to see happy. If it's something that you really want to do, convince your parents that the schools you've chosen have top degree programs and that they will allow you to graduate faster, allowing you to get a job sooner or go to graduate school. By showing them a plan of what you are doing now, what you will do with your degree, and what it means for your future, you give them a full picture of your current and future goals with online school.