Online Certifications

The online business world is changing and growing daily. In response to this rapid change, several certifications, career diplomas, and degree programs are now available online. These are wonderful options for individuals who currently work in business management, marketing or other aspects of business administration. For full-time employed individuals or individuals who own a business the following rapidly growing online business certification degree programs may be an option to increase income and gain future clients.

Professional Blogging Certification

Professional blogging certification is a certificate program offered by several online colleges and universities. This online certification program will instruct students and how to utilize blogging platforms such as WordPress to enhance their businesses, bringing future clients and to create an income they can start out as a passive income and move into a full-time income. A professional blogging certification course can cost as little as $100 or as much as $600 depending on the certifying agency and program outline.

WordPress Certification

A WordPress certification is something that many businesses are looking for when they choose to hire a content manager, blogger or content provider. WordPress certification means that the individual not only knows how to use WordPress but also knows how to utilize plug-ins WordPress offers as well as how to do specific coding, coding for images and maneuver through the various WordPress sections. A WordPress certification can cost as little as $20 and as much as $150 depending on the education provided or if the student is already educated in WordPress and simply needs the certification. A WordPress certification can show potential clients and businesses that the individual not only knows how to provide the content but also how to deliver the content directly into WordPress.

Social Media Marketing

Utilizing social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus and MySpace are some of the key ways that businesses are developing new services and offering them to new client basis. In order to do this however, many businesses must hire on someone with social media background. Some individuals may not have a full social media marketing background or only have online marketing skills or skills with a specific social media platform. For an individual with social media marketing certification the job market online endless. The reason for this is that social media marketing certification will allow the individual to be educated and social media marketing on all platforms and how to remain updated on these platforms so they may utilize platforms for the business or for a client. A social media marketer can make as much as $600 a week simply for social media marketing of content and content services.

Affiliate Marketing Management

A certification in affiliate marketing management will allow an individual to not only utilize affiliate marketing for an income but also create an entire business based on affiliate marketing of particular products. For example, an individual who has experience in natural health and healing products may choose to become an affiliate marketer for various products and services. With an affiliate marketing management certification they will learn how to market these products and services to not only create an income based off the affiliate marketing commission but also to increase their income with social media.