Online degree programs help students access nursing and technical courses

Nurses can pursue advanced coursework online.
Nurses can pursue advanced coursework online.

State budget cuts are forcing a number of higher education institutions to be creative. Some institutions are forcing their degree programs into a web-based format to train students in advanced skills.

Officials at one Kansas-based community college announced that they will be moving their nursing program to a distance learning platform, according to the Pratt Tribune. They hope that providing the option of courses over the internet will increase student enrollment.

Speaking to the paper, college president William Wojciechowski noted that the online education courses should help the university bridge recession difficulties. Other web-based technical classes are expected to bolster enrollment numbers as well.

Nearly 44 percent of all undergraduates - almost 6 million students - are enrolled at community colleges, according to Pew Center Research. These academic institutions have some of the most diverse student bodies in the country.