Online degrees and webinars can help employees develop their skill sets

Employees can update their skill sets through online degrees and webinars.
Employees can update their skill sets through online degrees and webinars.

Many employees may expect their employers to help them develop professionally. However, in today's economic downturn, employers do not always have the resources to keep all of their employees' skills up-to-date, according to the Kansas City Star.

If an employer cannot support skill building, then employees need to move outside the corporate bubble, the news source reports. As a result, professionals must participate actively in their own educational development in order to stay marketable. To do so, they must first determine the appropriate training they need.

The Star notes that many free online courses are offered through a number of colleges' websites. A web-based degree can accelerate a professional's career climb.

For instance, some online MBAs can be completed over the internet in between 15 to 16 weeks' time. Full-time workers can learn management principles while pursuing their careers. Online MBAs can open the doors to lucrative careers in financial management. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, business professionals earned between $77,280 and $134,940 in 2008.

Individuals may also opt for web seminars, or webinars, which are common in the legal, medical and education professions, and can supplement coursework. These sessions can help workers participate in an interactive format to potentially expand their multimedia skills and learn about new technology, the Star reports.